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I never smell things when I dream. I taste things, though.

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Ines Rehberger ~ Leaked Dreams of Our Past

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Sailor Moon RPG
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OOAK paper dolls are back!

Would you like to commission me a paper doll? Here all the info you need!

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Moleskine Art by Gabriel Picolo

20-year-old artist from Brazil Gabriel Picolo has created an incredible series of manga inspired doodles using just pencil and pen on a Moleskine sketchbook.
Gabriel Picolo: Instagram I facebook I deviantArt

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Elena Tsigaridou born in Nicosia, Greece in 1980, studied at the School of Fine Arts in Urbino and Rome, from where she graduated in 2003 with honors.

She produces large ink drawings often incorporated with string imbued with delicate observation and romantic lyricism that seek to elicit the sensations, memories and wonder associated with our experiences and encounters. Her work has been exhibited in personal and group exhibitions both in Cyprus and abroad (Rome, Brussels).

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